Episode 006 – The Odyssey of Mentorship

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Episode 006 - The Odyssey of Mentorship

In this episode, we’ll explore mentorship. Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur, it takes a range of people around you to make an impact. Building a strong network of advisors and mentors is critical for any entrepreneurial endeavor, because no one does it alone. And so, how do you develop a good, productive relationship with a mentor? What kinds of questions should you be asking? What should you not do? We’ll get into all these questions and we’ll explore both sides of the table with Lynda Clarizio ’82, Laurence Latimer *01, and Ashanthi Mathai ’95.


Lynda Clarizio ’82 and Laurence Latimer *01 are active mentors on PEC’s OfficeHours startup advice platform.

Lynda is an attorney who has been president or CEO of several companies and sits on the boards of several public and private companies. She is the co-founder of Brilliant Friends (with Joy Marcus ’83), an investment group that invests in women-led businesses.

Laurence Latimer *01 is Head of Ventures at tech company IEX. He is also an active member of Princeton Alumni Angels.

Ashanthi Mathai ’95 is the CEO of Pocket Naxolone Corporation. This startup is answering the US Food and Drug Administration’s call for an over-the-counter naxolone product to fight the opioid crisis.


Produced by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. Music by Wright Seneres. Theme music by the Treadmills (Wright Seneres, electric guitar and electric bass; John Damond, Jr., drums). Engineered by Dan Kearns at the Princeton Broadcast Center and Wright Seneres on location in New York City. Edited and mixed by Wright Seneres. Promotional ad by Pilar Castro-Kiltz ’10 and Aaron Landsman, engineered by Jonathan Sweeney at the Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University.

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