Episode 007 – You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What? (Part 1)

Episode 007 – You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What? (Part 1)

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In part 1 of a two-part mini-series, you will learn how analyze a job offer from a startup to see if it is the right offer and the right job for you. From the “You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What?” workshop held by Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and Princeton’s Center for Career Development on February 10, 2020.


Jason Meyer ’80 is both an entrepreneur and a venture lawyer. He will help you understand the non-cash components of the offer such as the different types of equity, options and vesting. He will also address key issues such as non-compete clauses, which may impact your ability to work elsewhere and your status as an employee or a contractor.


Produced by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. Sound design and music by Wright Seneres. Theme music by the Treadmills (Wright Seneres, electric guitar and electric bass; John Damond, Jr., drums). Engineered by Neal Bituin on location at the Center for Career Development, and Dan Kearns at the Princeton Broadcast Center. Edited and mixed by Wright Seneres.

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