The various people that make up the Princeton University entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem have long been at work, taking risks to bring transformational ideas and companies to the world, in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity. These are their stories. Welcome to the Princeton Spark, produced by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council.

This is a collaborative effort of PEC and its partner organizations on- and off-campus, designed to amplify the University’s efforts to support and promote entrepreneurship.

In the first seasons of the Princeton Spark, we will learn about what it takes to succeed in entrepreneurship from experienced Princeton startup founders, investors, and mentors. We hope these episodes help YOU on your entrepreneurial journey.

The show is engineered by Dan Kearns and Dan Quiyu at the Princeton Broadcast Center, and on location by Wright Seneres.


Photo of Wright Seneres, by Gerardo Puglia

The Princeton Spark is hosted by Wright Seneres, social media and marketing specialist at the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. He is a multimedia designer, digital content producer, and lead explorer of Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way. He once appeared on a PBS documentary on sandwiches.

Wright also produces, edits, and mixes the show. You can hear him play guitar and bass on the theme music too.


Have an idea for the show or a good guest you’d like to hear? Our comments and suggestions box is always open! Send an email to sparkpod@princeton.edu. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – just look for @princetonspark.


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The mission of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council is to engage the Princeton entrepreneurial ecosystem through educational programming, mentoring and funding in collaborative spaces. Along with our many partners, we are creating Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way. To read more about PEC, visit the PEC homepage.