Episode 002 – Thriving Under Uncertainty

Princeton Spark podcast
Princeton Spark
Episode 002 - Thriving Under Uncertainty

Thriving Under Uncertainty with Brooks Powell ’17 and Pilar Castro-Kiltz ’10


Watch Brooks Powell pitch at Shark Tank. Find alcohol-related health from Cheers at cheershealth.com.

Learn more about Princeton Arts Alumni and their “Alumni in the Arts” programming.

Learn more about More Canvas Consulting: Business Management for the Arts.


Produced by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. Music by Wright Seneres. Theme music by the Treadmills (Wright Seneres, electric guitar and electric bass; John Damond, Jr., drums). Engineered by Dan Kearns and Dan Quiyu at the Princeton Broadcast Center. Edited and mixed by Wright Seneres. Promotional readings by Megan Donahey ’20.


From the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, this is the Princeton Spark. I’m Wright Seneres. 

The various people that make up the Princeton entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem have long been at work, taking risks to bring transformational ideas and companies to the world, in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity. These are the stories of Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way. 

At PEC, we support Princeton-connected startups and help to build the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Jersey and beyond. 

In our series opening three episodes, we are exploring three important aspects of entrepreneurship. If you haven’t heard the first episode on taking risks, it is available now at princetonspark.com or wherever you get your podcasts, so do check that out. 

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