You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What? (Full audio)

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Princeton Spark
You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What? (Full audio)

Learn how analyze a job offer from a startup to see if it is the right offer and the right job for you. From the “You Have a Job Offer from a Startup. Now What?” workshop held by Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and Princeton’s Center for Career Development on February 10, 2020.

An abbreviated version of the content presented here was originally released as a two-part mini-series. You can find Parts 1 and 2 at our Episodes page.


Jason Meyer ’80 is both an entrepreneur and a venture lawyer. He will help you understand the non-cash components of the offer such as the different types of equity, options and vesting. He will also address key issues such as non-compete clauses, which may impact your ability to work elsewhere and your status as an employee or a contractor.

Tom Vander Schaaff ‘96 is a partner at Edison Partners who will share his insights about how and why you should evaluate the company as an investor would. This will help you to maximize the likelihood that you are selecting a company that has the right team, the right market, the right product/market fit and the right financial health to ensure that your career gets off to a great start.

Rachel Yee ’19 took the entrepreneurial plunge after graduation. She works for True Talent Advisory. Rachel can share her observations as someone who works in the recruiting and talent management field and also has great insights into the startups that work with True.

Greg Brooks is a Principal with True Search. He began his career at Vanguard in their Retail Brokerage division before pivoting into executive search. His experience ranges from early and growth-stage startups to public companies, across a variety of functions including Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Marketing. Recently he has been focusing on Investor roles in Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Produced by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. Engineered by Neal Bituin on location at the Center for Career Development. Edited and mixed by Wright Seneres.

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