Episode 001 – Taking Risks

Princeton Spark
Princeton Spark
Episode 001 - Taking Risks

The Princeton Spark is a production of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. 

Engineered by Dan Kearns and Dan Quiyu at the Princeton Broadcast Center and produced by me, Wright Seneres. 

Music for this episode is by me, Wright Seneres. Our theme music is by the Treadmills.

Special thanks to Rose Kelly, David Hopkins, Elio Lleo, Tiger Gao, Margaret Koval, Beth Jarvie, Kristin Haraldsdottir, Daniella DeLorenzo, Megan Donahey, Josh Carter, Morgan Spencer, and the whole Princeton Entrepreneurship Council team, which is Anne-Marie Maman, Don Seitz, Lauren Bender, Diane DeLorenzo, Neal Bituin, and me, Wright Seneres. 

The comments and suggestions box is always open – send an email to sparkpod@princeton.edu. If there is a topic or a person that you think we should talk to, please let us know! 

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The views expressed by our guests on the show are theirs and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council or Princeton University. 

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On the next episode of the Princeton Spark, we’ll explore thriving under uncertainty. We’ll hear from two more entrepreneurs in the Princeton ecosystem on how they navigate uncertainty and succeed. It’s available now, at princetonspark.com or your favorite podcast app. 

Thanks for listening!

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